Monday, December 26, 2016

X-Men Unlimited: Sabretooth Among Us by Daniel Bonar

Q1: The illustrations in this comic are sketchy and extremely colorful. The comic was published in '93 and it's color palate shows its age. Vibrant electric yellows and cobalt blues are very common. They include things like really low pony Tails on guys and Mazda miattas that also help illustrate the difference between comics in 93 and right now.

Q2: This work could only work as a comic book because in addition to a plethora of characters and their individual histories that you are expected to know, the entire story jumps continents multiple times and is easily lost

Q3: The main focus of ethics in this issue surround addiction. They cover the standpoint of "we should just kill him" because Sabertooth is addicted to blood and killing, we see Sabertooth trying to get himself killed because he just wants to be rid of his addiction, and we see the subject of rehabilitation vs. Incarceration in terms of justice as posed by Charles Xavier.

Q4: The main frame I would focus on is at the end of the comic where Xavier and Sabertooth are walking in the hologram prison and they converse over the past and future of Sabertooth, Xavier states that their goal is to rehabilitate Sabertooth THEN turn him over to the authorities. This is the only way that justice could take place, because until Sabertooth is rehabilitated he will always be an animal and justice can never really come to be unless he sees the folly of his actions.

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