Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom by Ally Gregory

The comic book is illustrated with a really cartoonish feel to it. Faces were note symmetrical and were crudely drawn. The colors used were really bright too. For me it created a less strict type of feel/tone; a fun one. One where silly jokes naturally flow so I think the feel of the artwork goes with the grain of the story since it compliments it.

I think this was written as a comic book because the stories the content writers were trying to get across were able to be expressed in the comic book form. I think the medium also allowed the writers to target a specific audience. If this comic was translated into a movie it would lose its ability to slow down time when needed to draw more attention to the frames they want the reader to focus on the most. I really enjoyed page 15 where Spiderman is shooting his web. To me this frame was awesome because of the image of Spiderman shooting the web out of his wrist and it allows the reader to spend as much time as they need to while they day dream about wanting to be able to do such a thing…. This would be lost in a movie. In a novel the image would not be there either.

In the short story that I got to read of Spiderman, the ethics that were covered for a superhero to have were someone who save other people from some sort of harm or danger and I also read a part that I think I could use to advocate that this comic also insisted that a superhero did not doubt themselves; they were people who believe in themselves (page 14).

I choose to point out page 14, the top row. This is where Spiderman had a freak out moment where he doubted his own abilities thinking that what he was doing was not possible – as he was doing it. I like how this scene was happening as Spiderman was swinging in the air making this the hardest part in the story that he had to overcome. Once he did he finally had the remedy to fight back against the contraption that made him doubt so harshly and was then able to defeat the enemy.

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