Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kingdome Come

1). I definitely enjoyed the illustrations in Kingdom Come. Although, in the frames the characters looked a little mannequin-like, however I was still able to enjoy the artistic aspect of the depictions.  The pace of the story is pretty fast, so each frame must be analyzed carefully because of the immense detail that is provided.  The illustrations reminded me of Star Wars and they created a sci-fi tone, in my opinion. The frames are attempting to depict an oncoming Armageddon, or revelation, so I feel that the illustrations do this comic/story justice.

2). This particular story has the classic comic book feel. It provides mystery and action right off the bat that entices the reader to actually finish the issue. From what I gathered, Kingdom Come is a pretty large, complex graphic novel, so even the first issue is pretty action-packed. While the comic has a very obscure narrative tone, I still think the story is in its best form - a graphic novel. Because the frames accurately and justly provide history on the origin of the story, I feel that a regular novel could not execute the illustrated details as well as this comic did. The frames provide small windows into what it was like when the real superheroes ruled and aided to the world. They also offer insight into what each superhero's life looks like now that they have all retired. They story would lost that aspect if it were translated into a regular novel.

3).While this comic definitely put Superman on a pedestal, I think a lot of the famous heroes that we all know and love still received notable recognition within the story.  The story tells what the world was like when all of the superheroes retired, except for a few. However, a preacher, Norman McCay, envisions an Armageddon which will lead to the end of the world.  All of the descendants of the original, good superheroes lack moral, genuine characteristics. They fight just to fight and not for the benefit of humanity.  So there is an ethical dilemma on whether or not the world is worth saving and if Superman should reign once again. They can either fight their descendants (who are being led by Magog, a new super-villain who resembles a ram) and save a dying world or succumb to the revelation. It is ultimately their choice.

4). The most important scene in Kingdom Come is when Wonder Woman begs Superman to come back and fight for the people he once loved and protected. She says, "Kal, please. Our generation takes its lead from you. We always have. You must face this. If you don't, neither will the rest of us...and it just goes on" (30). She is essentially wanting Superman to help fight Magog and restore peace back into the world. So in a way, the story has many religious undertones. Superman vs. Magog. God vs. Satan. Without Superman (God), Armageddon is near, which is what Wonder Woman is trying to tell Superman.

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