Friday, December 23, 2016

Deadpool: Sins of the past

1. The art style is sketchy, cartoony and artistic. As the comic progresses the art changes a little to go along with what is happening. This is a perfect way to show the art for Deadpool because he is all over the place and the art should go with him.

2. Deadpool is perfect for a graphic novel because it has so much going on. The way Deadpool acts, for example, is best expressed in comic form because he breaks the fourth wall and does other things that a regular novel cannot accomplish. that being said, for the most part, a movie can express Deadpool like the comic but the affect shown in the comic is taken away some.

3. The ethical boundaries of Deadpool are non-existent. If he were told to draw a moral line that he cannot cross he would draw the line with loops and swirls and open spots and then just to show that he is giving no fucks will hand the pencil back and run across the line. the fact is he is neither a hero nor is he a villain, he is an anti-hero.

4. In the middle of comic there is a part where the current "mission" is done and him and syrin are parting ways and syrin says are you going to help catch Black tom. Deadpool says no and then sits down. syrin then starts to fly away and says goodbye Deadpool. he responds, wade. my name is Wade. he then joins them to take out Black Tom. this shows that he is willing to do anything for a girl. and shows the point in the comic in which he is done saving himself and decides to help others.

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