Monday, December 26, 2016

Dark Horse Comic's, The Legend of Korra: "Friends for Life" by Greg Votaw

Q1: Aesthetics
This comic can best be described as cartoony, artistic, and tight. Bright coloring is used in the creation of this comic and brings about a sense of comfort and joy. I felt no impending doom foreshadowed and had a great sense of closure in this particular setting. This comic seems more geared to a younger audience and lays out some principles that are applicable to growing up. The feelings relative to the comic and others read in class fir upon a different spectrum. The legend of Korra is more cheery and friendly than others we have read.
Q2: Why a graphic novel
Though this comic has been made into a television series, I still believe its portrayal to be very important to be represented as a graphic novel. The graphic novel allows its reader to look deeper into scenes and context of the characters, rather than trying to keep the reader/viewer entertained by quick motions and a pushing rapid narrative. The reader is better able to take in scenes and dialogue while also being able to dissect the dialogue into more meaningful phrases. In addition, many things could be missed such as the internal speaking of our protagonist Korra.
Q3: Ethics
The ethics in this comic seem minor compared to the other graphic novels we have read. However, it introduces some ideas to the reader that are very much applicable to daily life. Korra is faced with a destiny to become the next avatar, one who can manipulate the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Korra must go through strict training in order to achieve her destiny to keep peace between the nations. Though she is very young and high-spirited and almost knocks out her master, Katara. She is given a warning to avoid the polar bear dogs by her parents, but immediately disobeys them after they have gone to sleep by sneaking out. Our heroin displays a sense of going against rules out of curiosity. This leads readers to believe that curiosity can sometimes trump the rules in order to satisfy a thirst for knowledge and self-fulfillment. Though it seems like an everyday occurrence to an older reader, it nonetheless poses a problem in trying to raise younger people to teach them correct behavior. Korra's actions do lead into a god outcome, which is discussed in my next question.
Q4: Significance
Korra's disobedience leads her to an abandoned polar bear dog pup, for which she bribes him through food due to his being hungry. After he takes the meat, she is able to build a makeshift shelter through her powers and creates a safe home for them to rest through the storm. After her parents find her through much worry they are astounded by her new companion, but it is only through the wisdom of the elder that Korra is able to keep her newfound companion for which she comes to have through the rest of the series.

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