Thursday, December 15, 2016

For Friday: Wilson, Ms. Marvel

For our last class of the week (but we have two more next week!), read G.Willow Wilson's Ms. Marvel, Vol.1. We'll discuss the legacy of women in comics and some of the recent controversies over female superheroes (and villains), and how Ms. Marvel addresses this. 

For those interested in the author and the book, here's a recent interview with Wilson that discusses her vision for Kamala Khan, as well as her own background in comics. In part of the interview, she discusses her first encounter with comics as a kid (probably not an ideal one!):

I did, I did. Probably my first crush was Wolverine, from the X-Men. When I was a kid, I at some point was given this ten-page PSA anti-smoking comic in health class. Y'know, someone thinking, "This is how to reach kids!" It was incredibly dumb. It was about this high school track star who takes up smoking, so [X-Men heroes] Storm and Wolverine show up to set him on the right path. It took me years to realize how ironic it is to have chain-smoking Wolverine in an anti-smoking comic. He was like, [growls] "Don't smoke, bub!"

Read the full interview here:

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