Monday, December 19, 2016

Superman: Sacrifice

1.)  This comic had more than one illustrator so not all of the artwork was the same throughout the book, but I think that most of it resembled Superman Red Son. Lois and some of the other women at the beginning were drawn very provocatively compared to how they are portrayed later on in the story. Wonder Woman, however, is pretty much always drawn with a big chest and hardly leaving anything to the imagination.

2.) If this story was anything but a graphic novel, it would not have nearly as big of an impact as it does. I think a movie might do an okay job of following the story line, but the illustrations the comic supplies you with really show you the despair that superman is feeling. If this were to be translated into a novel it would just be too hard to follow the different time frames and it might even be boring for the readers.

3.) In my opinion, this comic is pretty much all about superhero ethics. It talks about how superman had killed once and since then he has put up psychological barriers that forbid him from doing it again, but by taking control of his mind, Max Lord has torn down all those barriers and is forcing him to kill. Wonder Woman is also faced with a decision in which she has to decide if saving the world means sacrificing someones life.

4.) A certain passage in this comic that I think is important is on the very last page when Superboy tells Superman that he does not get the privilege to lay low. He reminds him that he is Superman and he is supposed to be someone people can look up to. and that he is not just a hero, he is also a leader. He says that even though he doesn't know whats eating him, he needs to get over it. He reminds him that whether he likes it or not, people are going to fear him because of what he is capable of and there is nothing he can do to change that.

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