Monday, December 26, 2016

Harley Quinn: Our Worlds At War

Question 1
I would have to say this has a very cartoony look most of the comic. There are some detailed scenes but it wasn’t in the quick or fighting frames but in the moments they wanted to be a little slower to take it in a bit more. The more action the frame had the less detail it had and the bubblier the characters looked. The cartoon look fit well with the comic because of all the humor, it seemed more innocent like a Tom and Jerry skit unlike Batman Year One.
Question 2
I think this novel or short comic in my case, would lose a lot of the funny expressions and details in the scenes if it were turned into a normal novel or film. I realized that you don’t catch all of the small details the first time you read it unless you know what you are looking for. You could hear the dry humor in a lot of the pictures, reading it in a normal tone you couldn’t hear the sarcasm until you had the pictures to go along with it. It was a very funny story and I would definitely want this to stay a comic in order to catch all the funny thoughts and conversations.
Question 3
This question was a little bit harder for me to answer in this comic, it was focusing on Superman’s Pal and Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn. Harley is usually always a bad guy and even in this comic Jimmy clarifies how evil she is multiple times but yet she seems to be the hero in this comic because she keeps saving him and keeping him out of danger multiple times. The “main” bad guys in this story are the aliens, but that doesn’t mean that the normal villains aren’t bad it just means they aren’t the main threat and even they are worried about the new evil. Harley shows that she is the hero because she saves Jimmy, not using any superpowers in this comic though just normal combat fighting. Even though Jimmy is supposedly a good guy he is causing a lot of extra grief for people in the beginning but it is based around humor so I think it is forgiven by the people I guess. It doesn’t seem that anything plays a specific role in this comic for the hero.
Question 4
The best passage that describes this comic would have to be on page 3 where Jimmy landed the escape pod in the middle of Gotham City. He thinks that a crowd forming around him is concerned about his wellbeing and they are actually thinking he is alien spy disguised as a human. The humors part about this is the thought process that Jimmy is having during this time. “They’re worried about my welfare—maybe even think I’m a pilot shot down while protecting our planet” while in the back ground you can see the angry mob gathering around him shouting negative comments. You would think this is sarcasm because later in the passage a couple pages further he is begging what he thinks to be a cop for help because an angry mob is chasing him. This is a great passage to sum up how the whole story plays as a whole, it’s humorous and playful. Not very violent, though there are a few fight scenes.

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