Friday, December 27, 2013

Final Paper due next Friday, January 3rd!

Remember that your final paper for the class is due next Friday: be sure to re-read the Paper Assignment post (on the left hand side) and be sure you choose ONE of the following options.  Try to have fun with it--be creative--but also do some research so you have a balanced conversation between you, the works in class, your 5th graphic novel, and a few secondary sources.  

If you run into problems, either e-mail me or respond to this post with a comment; feel free to ask other students in a class a question (and other students, feel free to respond to it!).  

When looking for secondary sources, remember the following tips:

Comics Websites: 
·         The Comics Reporter:
·         Grovel: Graphic Novel Reviews:
·         The Comics Journal:
·         Sequart Research and Literary Organization:
·         Lambiek Comiclopedia (an on-line encyclopedia of comics:

·         On the library page, click on “Articles & More”
·         Choose “J” for “JSTOR,” one of the best academic search engines for journals in the Humanities

·         Search for a broad topic “graphic novels,” a specific one, “censorship and graphic novels” or even an author “Art Spiegelman”  

Good luck!  I look forward to reading your comic book conversations!  :) 


  1. Dr. Grasso, did you not receive my email containing the responses to my fifth graphic novel?

  2. Yes--look under the V for Vendetta post: I combined your response with Jasmine's since it was on the same novel. Didn't want to create a redundant post. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. No worries. I just wanted to make sure you received the email after my final paper last semester found your spam box! Thank you.