Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Ammi Ross

1. This particular comic was illustrated by Gomez and I thought it looked sketchy and tight. There was also a realistic touch with the extreme likeliness of some of the comic characters to their tv counter parts. It looks and feels like a superhero comic which is great, because Buffy is a superhero. It even had the written exclamations like: ARGHH!! and B-KOOM. ---no seriously. It was spelled that way. Whatever happened to tried and true; KA-BOOM!!---  

2. It was written as a graphic novel simply, because BVS fans refuse to let the story die. This was a way to renew interest in the older episodes and movie while later allowing us to continue further than the final 7th season. Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been revamped (lol i knew i could fit that in some where) time and time again. 1st as a movie, then a tv series, then a short silent film within the tv series---which won awards---, then a musical within the tv series, then graphic novels, and at last a series of books. All of these have made a hit within the BVS cult following. So I can't really say the comic version is the better one. I think the one thing that seeing it as a comic really did for its audience was paint Buffy as a superhero. And some of that had to do with the design as previously stated.  

3. This comic reads like a series of events with dialogue rather than a narration for the most part and some of that is due to BVS way of speech. Things happen quickly. But looking hard I would have to say there were 3 different narrations: Buffy's POV, then the Villain's and finally the supporting character's. ---if I'm wrong sue me :)---

4. Pg. 4&5 are the most important in my opinion, because it set up the villain's character. Buffy is at her menial job and her trainer---a girl about Buffy's age---starts telling Buffy about their weird boss who Buffy had yet to meet. She talks about the boss' obsession with the freezer. These scenes foreshadow what's to come and without them the story would seem like it jumped a frame. 

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