Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Response to V for Vendetta (by Derek Reed)

1) The art work is dark.  The lines are harsh, but the colors bleed over and aren't constrained
by the lines.  I feel it is unique to the story due to the oppression the people feel from the
government.  The artwork is pleasing and suits.  Things have a lot of color, but somewhat

2) This story was a movie, but not as good as this novel.  The novel is intense dealing with
many themes.  To fully understand the work, we have to make sure we understand the
mindset of Britain in the 1980's.  The book promotes more anarchy than it does anything.  It
promotes anarchy against a very oppressive facist government.  The movie lost the complex
ideals, and the complexities of the many different political ideas in Britain.  The movie was
more about liberal vs conservative than anything, which for me loses the mindset that Moore
had against Thatcher.

3)  There are a few narrators, but if I had to choose one, it would be Evey, a girl that is saved
by the masked vigilante V. Evey tells of V and what she experiences living with him.  This
causes us to want to know more about the masked man.

4)  This Vicious Cabaret, at the beginning of book 2 is my favorite scene.  V describes,
through song, the viciousness of what is going on around him.  He uses the word cabaret,
which would insinuate that what they're dealing with is just a simple performance.  The best
part about this scene is while he plays and sings, his descriptions are depicted by the artist.
Even better, there is a score beneath the frames that give us the opportunity to know what
the piece of music sounds like. There are some decent recordings of it on youtube. 

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