Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For Wednesday: Maus II and Wrap-Up

We'll finish disussing Maus tomorrow, focusing specifically on Maus II.  If you haven't posted a comment response on the blog yet, please do so here (for Maus II), or on the Maus I post below.  Here are a few other things to remember:

1. Don't forget the template response for your sixth graphic novel (your choice); this must be e-mailed to me by December 30th. 

2. The blog is full of links to comic content and interviews with writers from the class.  Use these to your advantage when writing your paper.  Also, I've updated the post from last week on Comic Terms to include the Seven Word/Image relationships.  These are good terms to use when discussing comic techniques and how artists/writers tell stories. 

3. Remember that this blog will remain up for years, ideally.  You can check back next semester or next year and find the posts from our class as well as new reviews and links.  If you want to add a post, please e-mail me and I can post it for you (or if you're really interested in contributing to the blog, I can add you as an author). 

See you on tomorrow for our last class! 

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